This Government thinks you won’t notice more poo in your water

Let Bill English know that New Zealand deserves safe freshwater. Tell him you’ve noticed the poo in his policy.

SUBJECT: Honest effort on freshwater

Dear Prime Minister,

We’ve noticed the poo in our rivers and the poo in your Government’s policy.

Our rivers and lakes are sick. Once clean, clear, safe water has become polluted, warning signs have been put up in the places we used to swim, toxic algae and faecal contamination are making waterways dangerous for us and our children. The consequences are serious.

We asked for strong protection for freshwater in law and a commitment to achieving swimmable rivers and lakes across the country. But what we got from you was deception, and more excrement in our water.

New Zealand deserves freshwater policy that prioritises the health of people and wildlife. Please give it an honest effort.


Learn about the state of our waterways by watching the Choose Clean Water tour videos below.

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